Project Management


Project Management ;

With the aim of providing fast and high quality services, Magma Solutions offers project management services in line with the quality standards thanks to its corporate success and sectoral knowledge to fulfil its customers' expectations and needs as a solution partner. 

Once the documents to be translated are sent to customer relations manager by the customer, they are processed by project coordinator who determines the delivery time and the cost. Then, the documents are sent to the expert translators by the project coordinator. Once the translation process is completed, editing process starts. Corrections on the documents are done based on the feedbacks sent to the translators and the documents are sent to be designed through the artwork software requested by the customer and in the closest format to the original. After the artwork is edited, the documents are sent to the approval of the project coordinator. The project coordinator is responsible of all the operations and keeps in contact with customer during the project process. With the delivery of the projects to the customer, they are saved in archives exclusively created for each customer. 

We believe that any feedback regarding the terminology and translation quality will help us provide better quality services in the following projects; therefore required corrections are made on the archival documents as well.